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An accurate complete count is a critical mechanism for ensuring that no community’s needs or voices are overlooked. Nonprofits and CBOs rely on census data to better understand and serve the needs of the people we serve. We need to know where people are and what they need before we can partner with them for solutions. Here’s a snapshot of how Census data leads to crucial funding in Texas counties.

Start by telling them why a complete count is urgent for Texas. Then invite them to become Census Champions — this is a great resource to share with them. Encourage your colleagues to join your local or regional Complete County Committee and to be involved in helping others complete their Census questionnaires.

For years, the Census Bureau’s American Factfinder site has been a crucial resource for nonprofits and CBOs to understand key facts about the communities we serve. It is being replaced in 2020 by  Go to, look up Texas, and discover more about how Census data can help your mission!

Top Resources

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